Refrigerator Buying Guide

Your fridge is one of those appliances you cannot imagine living without. It'll keep your food fresh, wine chilled and your ice-cream well frozen. Today's fridge is a technological marvel that's lightyears away from the ice boxes our grandparents once knew. If you're looking for a new fridge, take some thought to buy the right one for your family.


Type of fridge

This popular style of fridge has doors for the freezer and for the fresh food compartment hence the name "side-by-side". These models usually have huge storage capacity for your foods and some even come with a water and ice dispenser.
Top freezer
This is the kind of fridge your parents may have bought. The top freezer takes up about a third of the fridge with the rest going for your fresh foods. The only trouble with this type is that you may have to reach high and deep into the back of the freezer to get at some frozen foods.
Bottom freezer
Bottom freezer fridges make it easier for you to get at your frozen foods. They can come in a freezer door or pull-out drawer. The top fresh food compartment also makes it easier to get at your daily foods like your milk.

Additional fridge features

A lot of technology has gone into fridges to differentiate the different brands. Some features are positively space age.
Silver Ions
Some fridges have this Silver Ion anti-bacterial coating on the inner surfaces to retard the growth of bacteria. Some even spray Silver Ions into the cold air to preserve foods and maintain their taste for longer.
Fridges can have wire grids or plastic/ glass shelves. These plastic/ glass shelves have one big advantage over wire grids. They stop the juices from foods at a higher level dripping to those below and contaminating them. They're also easier to remove and clean. Some manufacturers also include wine racks to store a few bottles of wine. If you're finding you need to store more then do consider a dedicated wine chiller.
LED lighting
LED lights are the way to go to illuminate your fridge. They're energy efficient and don't generate significant heat.
Refreshment door flap
If you're finding you're going for a bottle of milk (or maybe a beer) then a refreshment flap that allows you to open a small portion of the door will save you opening the full door and letting all that cold air (which equates to money in your electricity bill) out.

Energy Efficiency Ticks

Energy efficiency is so important to limit our damage to the environment and to keep our monthly electricity bills down. A rating of 4 ticks gives you the best energy efficiency possible but they tend to be more expensive to buy over lower ticks models. However their running cost is usually lower and you'll gain by paying lower monthly bills.
Where to put your fridge
Once you've got delivery of your fridge, the best position is to put it away from heat sources like an oven or direct contact with sunlight. For it to operate correctly you should also give it some space from the walls to allow the heat from the compressor and coils to flow out. A place with good ventilation will help take away the hot air.